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MicroChip Sales & Services


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MEMBER: National Association of Computer Equipment Brokers

As a Buisnessman in today's fast paced world, you are faced with keeping up with the new developments in technology. Unfortunately, it seems like very frequently new models of computers, monitors, scanners, printers and more come out every month. So customers desire change often. That leaves companies like yours regretably stuck with ecess merchandise, surplus goods, damaged (scratched) equipment, outdated products, etc.

That's where come in. Our company ( MicroChip Sales & Services) specializes in acquring unwanted, outdated and overstocked computer equipment. We buy for CASH. We purchase total or partial inventories.

Please look around your warehouse and if you should determine that you have any unwanted merchandise, as I mentioned, please call or write us. We can help you turn a libility into a solution.

* We buy full or partial orders
* We buy for CASH
* We buy complete systems and computer equipment
* Monitors
* PDA's
* And much more!